Train the Teacher

How we work

We have developed resources and training for isiZulu speaking Teachers that make Zulu learning more effective, fun, and engaging to the children in their care. Specifically designed for children 0-6yrs, our training focuses on developing confident, competent teachers of isiZulu.

Teacher Training

We are offering one of the only professional development opportunities for isiZulu speakers and teachers in SA, and meeting the growing demand for quality teachers who are able to teach second languages effectively and passionately. Our philosophy and methodology is unique in that we believe language should not be taught in isolation – but rather that language should be acquired out of an environment where there is a necessity to speak the language.

We emphasise speaking, interacting and gaining confidence in isiZulu that only comes from real-life experiences in the language. We also believe that creating a strong foundation in the formative years will help the child become a proficient speaker of the language as they get older. ZuluMites® prides itself on developing quality teachers and facilitators – embracing the theory of language-teaching with the practicalities of the isiZulu culture.



The feedback we get from Lindi is very positive. She seems to enjoy the training and the support, and it gives her ideas of new ways to stimulate the kids which I am happy about. The last module was a big hit, and perfect timing as Dylan has just started to learn about money – he has loved setting up shop and going shopping.
– Kerith Kieser, 2015 Caregiver Parent

Lindi and the kids have loved being on the programme, and it is wonderful to see the kids understanding and beginning to say some of the common isiZulu phrases. The resources have been amazing and Daniel in particular is always excited to see what Lindi has brought back from her school for them!
Catherine Martin, 2015 Caregiver Parent

I feel this program has been hugely beneficial to my boys. Jonty and Calvin both understand nearly everything Maria says. I feel an extra bonus to this service was that it has given Maria and Jonty a special bond, and Maria feels she now plays a critical part in their lives which is what I would like her to feel.
– Kirsten French, 2015 Parent