ZuluMites is a Zulu language programme that teaches beginner level vocabulary and sentence construction to children 2-9yrs (preschool to Grade 3). Our pre-recorded video lessons have been  carefully developed around practical themes that are memorable and engaging for young children. Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to learn alongside your child, and our videos can also be used to support foundation phase teachers in schools.

PLEASE NOTE: ZuluMites no longer offers live/in-house lessons.

We are now exclusively an online service.


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“The difference in teaching is amazing, I’m even sitting in on the lessons!”
Principal, Garden Road Montessori (2017)
Mimosa teachers and parents feel strongly about the importance of learning an African language. We are so thrilled to have this programme in our school. It has a strong theoretical foundation, is methodologically creative and the course is well-structured. I love the way that speaking Zulu is becoming part of the culture of our school since we began our relationship with Zulumites!
Heather Barclay
Mimosa Montessori Aukland Park (2017)
“I am motivated by the facilitator’s stories of learning different languages and what they are doing in South Africa, it is a great initiative”
Jabulani Gumede, Kings school West Rand (2018)
“I honestly loved the information and the honesty behind the presentation of the training. I feel we need more of this to equip the isiZulu teacher with the proper tools to be effective”
Thulani Hector Magagula, King’s School West Rand (2018)
“Thank you for coming up with such a course. It has helped me, and others, to love teaching isiZulu to little ones”
– Sithembiso Khumalo, Peter Wabbit Preschool (2018)
“One of our teachers is attending the teacher training workshops with ZuluMites and using her newly acquired language teaching skills with our Grade 0 and 1 classes. We have seen how this group has become enthusiastic speakers of isiZulu, using the words and phrases they are learning in other areas in the school and proudly sharing their new vocabulary with their parents and people they meet in shops and garages!”
Heather Barclay (Principal) Mimosa Montessori (2017)
“Jared and Bryn are now in Grade 1 and I bumped into Jared’s teacher the other day who called him the “White Zulu”. I was quite surprised because Limukani always battled to get Jared to speak in Zulu. Being with his twin, he always seemed to be otherwise distracted and not keen to participate when she did the Zulu. So a big thank-you, he clearly took it onboard even though it didn’t seem that way at the time.”
– Jackie Gilmour, (2017) Caregiver Parent
I feel this program has been hugely beneficial to my boys. Jonty and Calvin both understand nearly everything Maria says. I feel an extra bonus to this service was that it has given Maria and Jonty a special bond, and Maria feels she now plays a critical part in their lives which is what I would like her to feel.
– Kirsten French, 2015 Parent
My son has been attending these classes since January this year and I can honestly say it is such a lovely course for toddlers to do. isiZulu is his third language and he can already understand, and speak so much in the last 9 months! Would highly recommend it!
Victoria Black, 2018