Train the care giver

How we work

ZuluMites® has designed a play-based isiZulu Home

Programme, geared towards young children, to encourage

a love for isiZulu. Our workshops train your Nanny/Caregiver

to become the isiZulu tutor in your home, giving them the

necessary skills and resources to ensure your child learns

isiZulu from a young age!

Training your caregiver to teach isiZulu at home

Many families have a native speaker of isiZulu (or Ndebele) working in their homes already, and just by insisting that your domestic worker/ nanny speaks to your child exclusively in their native tongue could mean that your child grows up bilingual. However, this is not as easy as it sounds and requires specialised training for the Caregivers to get them to do this consistently and correctly.

We assist your caregiver by providing them with beautifully designed resources that focuses on practical themes for an entire month at a time and teaching them the tried and tested ZuluMites® methodology for learning isiZulu because we know that effective language learning all comes down to how it is taught.

In the monthly workshops, caregivers learn how to be consistent in speaking only Zulu to your child. They receive a resource kit full of Zulu games, toys, poster and activities and are taught how to reach children at their age-appropriate level and remain accountable within the group month-to-month.

Most suitable for children 6yrs and under.