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Zulu Basics

ZuluMites introduces you to some common Zulu phrases to learn when meeting people for the first time, or interacting with Zulu speakers.

Useful phrases

Learn how to say Have a Nice Weekend to our colleagues and other Zulu one-liners that are sure to impress in any situation

Kitchen Series

Lindiwe shows us how to cook and bake in Zulu with 5 of the most common words used in the kitchen.

Craft Series

Doing Arts and Crafts are a favourite activity among children, why not double the learning by teaching them how to cut, stick, fold, paint and draw in Zulu.

Sport Series

Warm up, cool down and do your exercises, all the while learning a new language through movement

Action Series

Lindiwe takes 5 common action words (verbs) and helps you use them in practical sentences

Sample Classes

View some of our ZuluMites Activity classes in action and be convinced that we’re teaching Zulu the very best way

Pre-school Series

Go back to preschool and learn your Colours, numbers, animals and days of the week in Zulu

Parent Series

We touch on some of the most commonly asked questions, and delve deeper into the pillars of language learning in this series specifically geared towards parents.  (coming soon)

Teacher Series

Games and activities that get the best out of your students, designed specifically for isiZulu teachers in foundation phase.
 (coming soon)

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Articles of interest

Interesting articles on language acquisition, what parents can do at home to facilitate Zulu learning, and research that supports teaching children language in the early years. 
  • The BEST 3yr investment you can make

  • Why the Zulu classroom is failing your child

  • Choosing which language to learn and other hard questions
  • Compelling research and the benefits of multilingualism
  • How Parents can assist with isiZulu Learning

isiZulu Play kits

Purchase Zulu play-based resources for children 2-6yrs to be used alongside Zulu speakers. Each themed pack comes with a poster, book, toys and activities to use in the classroom or at home.